Diabetes and its varied types

Diabetes and its varied types

Diabetes is the disease that affects your body’s blood sugar adaptability. Did you know that glucose is quite important for your body especially when it comes to ask about building tissues and muscles? Also, glucose provides the fuel forthe human brain. Despite of its many uses, if your body gains excessive glucose, and so you might stick up in the grip of diabetes.

Many of you are still unaware about the type of diabetes, you are suffering from. To get the best mode of treatment, you should clarify about the type of diabetes in a little detail.

Type 1 diabetes:Generally, this type of diabetes is termed as ‘insulin – dependent’ diabetes. Normally, this type can occur at any age. However, research has shown that out of the total person diagnosed with diabetes, only 5-10% people suffer from this type. In this diabetic type, the pancreas produces no insulin and the immune system attacks various cells in the body.

The symptoms of this diabetic type include excessive urination, dry mouth, hunger, weight decrement despite of normal eating, blurred vision and many more. To handle this type of disease, you should take proper insulin either in the form of injections or through an insulin pump. Try to maintain balance with insulin, nutrition and exercise. Try to maintain a tab on your sugar level of regular and frequent testing. Only then you can attain the hold on the difference in blood sugar level.

Type 2 diabetes: Although, this type of diabetes carries some prior assumptions with the termed known as “adult onset diabetes”, but when we change time, its meaning has also changed. This is the diabetic type that affects almost 90% of diagnosed people. In this case, it has been seen that approx 80% of people are found to be overweight.Normally this type recalls for either excessive insulin resistance or no insulin production.

If we look at the symptoms of this diabetic type, we found the similar ones to type 1. To treat such diabetes type, mere right food habits will not function.Rather, you should likewise get some oral medicine to control the imbalanced blood sugar level.You should consult your health care provider for effective tips and suggestions and follow the detailed prescription properly to avoid future complications.

Gestational diabetes: this type of diabetes generally gets developed during pregnancy (pregnancy) period. During pregnancy, hormones undergo a dramatic change which causes less production of insulin by the body. This type can affect the fetus severely during pregnancy.

Gestation diabetes does not hold any symptoms rather it can only be detected through testing. In terms of treating this disease, you have to some major changes in your dietary habits and lifestyle.

The above types of diabetes are said to have similar sorts of symptoms and treatments. For all types, you have to follow a very common treatment type i.e. look upon food to control diabetes. Along with food habits, you should also follow a healthy lifestyle with the prescribed medication suggested by doctor. Once you stick yourself with the treatment, you can conduct a smooth and healthy life.

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