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health Issues and the Media: An Introduction for health Professionals" width="107" height="160" />Mental health Issues and the Media provides students and professionals in nursing and allied professions, in psychiatry, psychology and related disciplines, with a theoretically grounded introduction to the ways in which our attitudes are shaped by the media.

A wide range of contemporary media help to create attitudes surrounding mental health and illness, and for all health professionals, the ways in which they do so are of immediate concern. health professionals need to: be aware of media influences on their own perceptions and attitudes take account of both the negative and positive aspects of media intervention in mental health promotion and public education understand the way in which we all interact with media messages and how this affects both practitioners and service users.

Covering the press, literature, film, television and the Internet, this comprehensive text includes practical advice and recommendations on how to combat negative images for service users, healthcare workers and media personnel.

]]> Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System (Monographic Separates from the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation), 27 Jan 2012 16:32:05 +0000

health Issues in the Criminal Justice System (Monographic Separates from the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation)" width="115" height="160" />Discover how to best provide effective mental health treatments for criminal offenders

Prisons and jails are increasingly being filled with inmates who suffer from mental illness and need treatment. Mental health Issues in the Criminal Justice System examines a wide range of the latest research and learned perspectives focusing on the intersection of mental health services and the criminal justice system. Top experts and academics discuss mental health treatment, its availability, it effectiveness, and just how cost effective it truly is to treat those in prisons and jails. This valuable text provides a broad interdisciplinary view of the topic and presents important qualitative and quantitative research of specific topics, such as the effectiveness of prisoner representatives, the causal link between incarceration and mental illness, and the expanding rates of correctional offenders with mental illness.

Mental health Issues in the Criminal Justice System discusses a wide range of pertinent topics focusing on the viability and functioning of mental health treatment models in prisons and jails. Recommendations on desired correctional mental health programs are presented, along with strategies to better provide therapeutic services. Respected experts provide practical suggestions on research that needs to be addressed in the future. The book is extensively referenced and includes several tables and figures to clearly present data.

Other topics in Mental health Issues in the Criminal Justice System include: the prevalence of mental illness in jails and prisons—and the duty society has to provide appropriate mental health treatment three components critical to the success of jail diversion programs ethics of doing research on prisoners an extended care community corrections model the experience of mitigation experts in first degree murder cases in the penalty phase of the trial the criminalization of the mentally ill because of fragmentation of mental health services correctional offenders with mental illness (OMIs)—and their differences from the general offender population the role of the helping alliance in juvenile probation settings and much more!

Mental health Issues in the Criminal Justice System is a timely, insightful text for anyone in the criminal justice or mental health fields, educators, graduate students, and upper-level undergraduate students.

]]> Muslims: Handbook of Mental Health Issues and Interventions, 25 Jan 2012 14:25:42 +0000

health Issues and Interventions" width="107" height="160" />A young female client presents with anorexia nervosa and believes that her problem has its roots in magic; parents are helpless in the face of their son''s substance abuse issues; an interracial couple cannot agree on how to discipline their children.

How would you effectively help these clients while balancing appropriate interventions that are sensitive to religious, cultural, social, and gender differences? This handbook answers these difficult questions and helps behavioral health practitioners provide religio-culturally-competent care to Muslim clients living in territories such as North America, Australia, and Europe.

The issues and interventions discussed in this book, by authoritative contributors, are diverse and multifaceted. Topics that have been ignored in previous literature are introduced, such as sex therapy, substance abuse counseling, university counseling, and community-based prevention. Chapters integrate tables, lists, and suggested phrasing for practitioners, along with case studies that are used by the authors to help illustrate concepts and potential interventions.

Counseling Muslims is also unique in its broad scope, which reflects interventions ranging from the individual to community levels, and includes chapters that discuss persons born in the West, converts to Islam, and those from smaller ethnic minorities. It is the only guide practitioners need for information on effective service delivery for Muslims, who already bypass significant cultural stigma and shame to access mental health services.

]]> Activities for Children and Teens Coping with Health Issues, 24 Jan 2012 14:03:41 +0000

health Issues" width="124" height="160" />Hundreds of therapeutic activities designed to help children and adolescent scope with difficult health issues

Written to provide mental health professionals with a variety of activities to help children manage the physical and emotional challenges related to illness—be it chronic, temporary, or that of a family member—Therapeutic Activities for Children and Teens Coping with health Issues presents more than two hundred curative, evidence-based, and age-appropriate activities and interventions that promote positive directions in overcoming obstacles and handling the stress, worry, and/or difficulties faced when dealing with illness.

Organized in a user-friendly format that allows busy professionals to quickly locate easy-to-follow activities, as well as step-by-step instructions for implementing them in a variety of settings, this comprehensive guide provides:

Sixteen chapters of activities designed to promote understanding, adaptation, and coping for children and adolescents experiencing health issues of their own or those of a family member

Five chapters that incorporate different approaches, such as humor, as well as a host of expanded topics, including grief, separation, and culture

Activities that help children deal with specific health issues, including body image, desensitization to medical implements, death, pain, motor skills, and more

Chapter introductions that include insightful theoretical overviews to support each method covered

An accompanying CD containing customizable and reproducible activities, activity templates, and easy-to-use patterns

The only guide available of its kind, Therapeutic Activities for Children and Teens Coping with health Issues assists mental health practitioners as well as members of the pediatric healthcare team—including parents—in understanding and implementing culturally sensitive, evidence-based activities that support the well-being of children and adolescents.

]]> of Diversity Issues in Health Psychology (The Plenum Series in Culture and Health), 19 Feb 2011 01:58:02 +0000[More]]]>health Psychology (The Plenum Series in Culture and Health)"width="300" align="left" style="margin-right: 7px;" />‘[This book] makes a strong case for the need for more systematic research that investigates possible differences in health between and within groups along the dimensions of age, gender, social class, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation….a significant contribution.’ –from the Foreword by Hector F. Myers, University of California, Los Angeles ‘An important work for medical students and upper-division undergraduates and graduate nursing students as well as faculty and professionals.’ –Choice This innovative handbook explores topics such as touch therapies across the life span, the problem of pediatric pain, designing health promotion programs for Latinos and much more.

health Psychology (The Plenum Series in Culture and Health)" target="_blank">Click here to buy from Amazon