1-2-1 Personal Nutrition program

1-2-1 Personal Nutrition program

What is 1-2-1 Personal Nutrition?

Developed by Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Kristy Dotson, 1-2-1 is the first on-line nutrition education training program designed for busy people who don''t have time to attend a nutrition seminar or drive to an office for face-to-face coaching.

        • Because the program is web-based, it is available to anyone regardless of his or her physical location.
        • 1-2-1 is a unique educational program, providing you with sound nutritional teaching right in the comfort of your own home.
        • 1-2-1 IS AFFORDABLE!! You receive 4 training sessions for only $160. The average cost of a single visit to a dietician is $120. You receive more for your money.
What Makes 1-2-1 Personal?

Not only do you receive numerous on-line self-assessments to critique the present status of your health, but the program also connects you with a “live” Certified Nutrition Coach who will explain the relationship between diet and optimal health.

Many websites offer simplistic on-line health assessments and general on-line advice for dieting or weight-loss; however, only the 1-2-1 program offers the benefit of having a live voice to talk to as well as serve as a resource for nutritional coaching and questions

How does 1-2-1 work?
        • The first step is to purchase the 1-2-1 program. This is done on-line through use of a credit card.
        • Once enrolled, just complete the self-assessments provided.
        • All of your responses are kept confidential and are password protected. Upon completion you will receive “real-time” results.
        • A Certified Nutrition Coach will then contact you and arrange dates for your nutrition training sessions.
        • All training sessions are completed via telephone.
        • A nutrition education training package will be provided to you prior to your scheduled training.
What type of on-line assessments will I complete?

1-2-1 provides a comprehensive analysis that includes 13 scientifically-based, self- assessments that prompt you to examine your lifestyle, diet, and medical history. The assessments are for informational purposes only and give you an opportunity to assess your present level of health.

Assessment categories include:

  • Favorite Foods
  • Metabolic Profile
  • Weight management
  • Toxicity
  • Immune System
  • Hormonal Balance (Mood)
  • Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Blood Sugar Stabilization
  • Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency
  • Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency (Medication-Related)
  • Digestive System/Colon
  • Cardiovascular System/Heart Health
What will I gain from 1-2-1 ?

Your 1-2-1 training includes provides personal wellness reports and personalized nutrition training.

Metabolic Profile Report
  • Learn about your unique metabolic body type and the specific dietary needs associated with your profile.

Nutrition Awareness Report
Learn about the various systems of the body and how they function.
  • Learn what systems of your body are at risk for nutritional deficiencies.
  • Identify medications that you may be taking and learn about the vitamins and minerals deficiencies they may cause.

System Support Report
  • Learn about key nutrients and their function in fortifying the various systems of the body.

Personal Nutritional Training including:
  • Four, 1-hour telephone sessions with an assigned certified, professional Nutrition Coach
  • Easy-to-understand instructions for how to eat healthy without dieting or counting calories
  • Nutrition Training Guide

FREE 90-day Accountability
Unlimited access to your assigned Certified Nutrition Coach for 90 days following the completion of your telephone training. You may contact your coach for food-related questions or for mere encouragement and accountability.

What are the benefits of 1-2-1?
  • Provides you with a “snapshot” of your current health
  • Reveals potential health problem areas
  • Provides education on health risk factors
  • Allows you to take control by adopting preventive wellness and nutritional practices
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