One breast stopped producing milk?

One breast stopped producing milk?

Going on 4th month breast feeding my baby. She does not get anything else, in fact when we have tried she will not take bottle with any types of nipples.

My left breast produces alot of milk. I try to have baby suck on the less productive breast (right one)but she gets frustrated bc nothing comes out of there and starts screaming. That breast is now soft and feels empty, the breast that left one is round and full so it looks weird.

-How do I know my baby is getting enough nutrition?

-Can a pump get the milk production back in the right breast?

-Will this change their apperance, make them assymetric?

-Why did it just stop on one breast but the other produces alot?

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Yes, a pump will probably help your milk production come back in Righty. It may be that you had a plugged duct which never cleared. If that happened, your body would have absorbed the milk in that breast, and then not re-produced it.

Your breasts are never completely symmetrical, so this won’t fully fix it, but if you restart the milk, both breasts will be plump again.

You’ll know your baby is getting enough nutrition if she’s continuing to grow properly.

1. By 4 months of age, your baby should be good at letting you know when she needs more and if she is getting enough. Start you baby on the full breast, because that signals your milk to come in, then try to finish on the empty breast. If she still isn’t satisfied, you can start her back on the full breast.

2. A pump would be a good idea, but I have to pump daily when I work and even pumping as often as I do, I still produce little milk on the side that my baby doesn’t nurse well on.

3. I really don’t know, but I think your tissue will change when your hormones go away anyway.

4. Again, don’t know, but I was the same way. I produced a lot of milk and tried to balance feedings when my baby was an infant and I was home full time but it just stopped. I think you’re normal from my experience!

When you think about a mother nursing two babies with two breasts, it is easy to understand that most mothers can nurse one baby on one breast.

It is normal for a mother to have one breast that is a better producer than the other. Sometime it is a big difference, as in your case. The poor producer didn’t get enough stimulation to keep it producing, and it is drying up, but the other side will have sufficient milk in it for the baby as long as you keep nursing.

Yes, you will be a little lopsided, with one breast larger than the other for as long as you continue to nurse. You can use a little padding on the smaller side if you feel you need it. When the side that is producing stops, the breasts will even out again. You will know the baby is getting enough nutrition because you will continue to feed her whenever she nees it. That will keep the production going on the side she favors.

You can try to pump if you want to, but there is no guarantee that it will work. You can also try to get her to nurse for comfort or in her sleep on the poorly producing side.

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