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When traveling from the UK to the Costa del Sol, you must of course make sure you bring the E111 form (European Health Card ). But it would be desirable to organize some form of travel insurance as well. Because you never know what can happen while you are especially if you happen to be traveling with children.

The standard of health care provided in Spain today is very good and there are many health centers (Centros de Salud) that you can visit if a problem occurs. And of course there are several hospitals that should you be involved in an accident you will be sent to treatment. In most cases you will find that the E111 will provide coverage for minor ailments and also for those occasions when someone is breaking an arm or leg. However treatment, although the first cycle of treatment is covered by this form and will be provided free, at any monitoring should be covered by yourself. For this reason alone you should be also organize private travel insurance. When it comes to organizing travel insurance make sure you do some research beforehand. Below we offer some tips may help you

Tip 1 -. In addition to comparing prices that insurance companies want you to pay for their coverage, look at what benefits they offer to you. Ideally, you want to take a cover that is not only affordable, but offer the greatest amount of coverage for you and those traveling with you. Do not forget to look kind of excess, they expect to pay before they will then settle the claims you make.

Tip 2 – If you’re planning to travel abroad more than once a year and then go out annual travel insurance rather than multiple single trip. You can actually end up saving you a considerable sum.

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