Prenatal Vitamins This Week  Bloom'en Nutrition

Prenatal Vitamins This Week Bloom'en Nutrition

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A lot has been happening behind the scenes this past couple of weeks.  Okay, if you have been following our Twitter Feeds, it may not be so much behind the scenes.  Regardless, we have been really busy.  To bring you up to speed, we have spending time polishing our look, working on prenatal vitamin search engine optimization, and focusing on getting our fantastic chewable prenatal vitamins into more retail stores.  It has been a busy time, but we all know that it will pay off.

If you separate our activities into online and offline, we have been busy working to search engine optimize our main site, Bloom’en Nutrition, and even received some recognition and a bit of help from the people over at Marketing Experiments.  Hopefully with their good input, our site should show up in the top spots for some highly desirable search terms.  We had some great success this morning with the search term Prenatal Vitamin.

In addition to the prenatal vitamin search activities, we have recently received in an order of our trade show bags and are working to create a promotion for many of our autoship customers so that they can get their hands on these great reusable shopping bags.  They turned out really cute, with the Bloom’en orange as the main color and our logo in white.  Be sure to visit our website periodically to see how you can get one of these cute little carry-alls.

To become more visible online, we also have a new Facebook page where you can tune in to see what our team is up to.  We also have our MothersClick page and our presence on the Bump.  We are also working on updating the backgrounds of our Twitter pages to make them a little more “Bloom’en”  so keep an eye out for some subtle changes.

Off-line, we are working with a few retail distributors and courting a few large natural food retailers.  Look for our tasty little chews in a store near you very soon.

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